BRUNCH– every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and free

CONVERSATIONS – a lot of them … with laughter, kids running around, and did we mention free food (a lot of it too!)

MESSES – Just a heads up, it’s going to happen; a spilled drink, an overflowing trash can, a dropped doughnut

CASUAL ENVIRONMENT – as in be yourself

WORSHIP – cool music with some other stuff starting around 11:00

MISTAKES – probably more than one

TEACHING – about Jesus following worship

CELL PHONES – yes you’ll possibly hear somebody’s ringing

PRAYER – powerful, personal, and purposeful

BABIES – loved and cared for in their own special space

CRYING BABIES – there is always one in the crowd

FAMILY GATHERINGS (FG) – for families, youth (this is NOT your grandma’s Sunday School!) before brunch @ 9:45

MORE –  in-depth teaching designed to make the profound simple and the simple profound @ 9:00


He is the reason we gather

1574 Normal Drive between the AOTT House and WKU Honors College