Are your friends and family literally FREAKING OUT after the election????

Uncertainty is always going to be a part of life.

FEAR is optional!

Be refreshed by and reminded of God’s grace this week! Before the craziness of finals and Christmas, spend some time with others just like yourself who want MORE… more joy, more peace, more of Him. Hope to see you there!

6:30 Ekk on the Hill.

Come on out to the Clemmons Farm for the November BIG TABLE.

More food than you can imagine…but even more fun than that! No limit on the number of friends you can bring our fun you will have 🙂

1099 Denham Rd Smiths Grove, KY 42171

Start about 5 (after Man Day). Meet at EKK on the HILL for rides at 4:30.

A nice “quiet” Sunday afternoon spent shooting skeet, dogs, guys, bonfire, food….. what more could you want today?

Clemmons Farm – 1099 Denham Road, Smiths Grove KY 42171 or meet up at EKK on the Hill for rides after our normal Sunday morning gathering.

Look for us in Garrett and DSU for this month’s FREEBIE FRIDAY! You will NOT want to miss this freebie!

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